Search and Rescue Camping Weekend

Scouts of Troop 742 earned the Search and Rescue merit badge at Broad Creek Scout Reservation.

Early Saturday morning, two “volunteer” scouts went missing. That’s when the Incident Commander set up his command center and created his three search teams. He gave his three Team Leaders instructions for a search plan and monitored their movements with handheld radios.

After a hasty but efficient search, clues were found that eventually led to the lost scouts. But one was suffering from a branch puncture wound in his leg, and the other had a compound fracture with a bone sticking out of his forearm. Of course the injuries were just stage makeup, but the rescue teams needed to use their first aid skills to treat the wounds, and they used a stretcher to carry the scout with the leg wound back to safety.

It was a fun and exciting learning experience for all. If you ever get lost in the woods, you’d be fortunate to have Troop 742 nearby you.

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